Marriage Seminars

Certified marriage counselors provide educational seminars on healthy marriages and premarital counseling. The healthy marriage seminar usually last for eight hours but it can be shortened. Any small or large group can schedule the seminar by contacting MCCHS for human services at 817-589-9165.

Texas Healthy Marriage Program

MCCHS for Human Services join the “Twogether in Texas- Healthy Marriage Program.”

Healthy Marriage Programs Unit
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909 West 45th Street, Bldg #5
Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 206-5594 Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

MCCHS for Human Services’ healthy marriage program

focuses primarily on religious and cultural issues effecting the marital relationship in immigrant population of South Asia and Middle East. Although the extended family system is not common among the US resident but still more prevalent than in local population and creates some significant problems.


In addition to general issues effecting marital relationship, MCCHS focuses on the following issues:


1) Religious issues effecting marital relationship.

2) Cultural issues effecting marital relationship.

3) Extended family system effecting marital relationship.

4) Attachment with relatives living abroad.

5) Different values in raising children in this environment resulting multiple conflicts and arguments.


Dating is not permitted in many cultures in South Asia and Middle East. MCCHS program on pre-marital counseling focuses on selection of husband and wife without extended dating opportunity.


The program also focuses on issue related to arrange marriages which are not uncommon in that part of the world and also prevalent in US residents coming from that region.


MCCHS offers three pre-marital counseling sessions where the “would be couple” will have an opportunity to discuss religious, cultural, personality, financial, relationship with parents and others and conflicts of interest resulting in marital disharmony.


During the session, it is emphasized to be sensitive in detecting communication issues and seek help before the conflicts become unresolvable.


MCCHS healthy marriage program serves the entire DFW area as it is serving immigrant and refugees community.