End of Life Decisions

End of Life Decisions

Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, Basheer Ahmed M.D., and Monk Nanda Kamburaglle

Diversity Conference at All Saints Hospital on September 28th 2012

Dr. Basheer Ahmed had made a presentation at the Diversity Conference on Islamic Perspective of Making End of Life Decisions, focusing on How to communicate bad news to the family and seriously sick patients.

The conference also dealt with the issues related to the rituals at the time of death and after death. The speakers Rabbi Macklenburger through light on Jewish Perspective, Dr. Basheer Ahmed discussed on Islamic Perspective, Reverand Gilbert Marez elaborated on Catholic Perspective and Nanda Kamburagalle and Lharmony Vitacco mentioned about the Buddhist Perspective.

The Conference was attended by Health Care Providers, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers and other Hospital Staff.