Staff Members

Dr. Talaun Simmons is the Executive Director at the Muslim Community Center for Human Services (MCCHS); a primary care, mental health and social services clinic targeting vulnerable ethnic and diverse populations. Dr. Simmons has an affinity for culturally diverse populations and for over 10 years she has supervised, and established programmatic standards that support culturally sensitive services for individuals experiencing distress. Dr. Simmons has investigated the impact of trauma and access to care across diverse populations and has presented research projects at various community seminars, webinars and conferences.
Dr. Simmons has served as an international fellow in Ghana West Africa and as a principal investigator published research on the interpersonal perceptions of Africans and African Americans. After her graduate studies, she worked to assist in providing care for diverse at risk adult populations with mental health and substance use disorders. Dr. Simmons was a co-chair of the Dallas Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC), has served on nonprofit boards and steering committees and has been principal writer and awarded several federal and foundation grants. In 2010 Simmons collaborated with colleagues to publish Domestic Violence Cross Cultural Perspective.
Dr. Simmons received a PhD in Psychology from Capella University, a Masters in Social Work, a Masters in Sociology, and a Bachelors in Psychology from The University of Texas at Arlington. She was previously the Social Work supervisor at the Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies and is currently an Adjunct Faculty in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.
Dr. Simmons teaches graduate level social work courses on direct practice children and families, generalist macro, human behavior and the social environment, along with trauma informed services, motivational interviewing and strength based practice for Advanced Graduate Social work interns.

Name Designation
Valeria Guadian Alshifa Front Desk Clerk
Sadaf Kamran Administrative Assistant
Nuha Almakhzoumi Caseworker
Dr. Talaun Simmons Executive Director
Sara Bawany Caseworker
Dr. Sarah Zaheer AlShifa Physician