Tahira Begum Dental Clinic

Dental 1
Al-Shifa Clinic was opened in August 2010. We are thankful to Ms. Margarret for her tireless efforts in contacting several places to obtain the equipment. We are extremely thankful to Dr. Roach, a retired
dentist of Fort Worth, who was kind enough to donate the equipment for the clinic. He also helped us in setting up the clinic and developing  policies, procedures and operating guidelines. The dental clinic provides dental exams, including  x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and extractions. Dr. Jayesha has recently accepted to become volunteer co-director of dental clinic. MCCHS sincerely appreciate her interest and commitment to provide services to indigent residents of North Texas at MCCHS dental clinic. She obtained her Doctorate degree in dental surgery from University of Toronto and after spending six years in practice in Chicago she came to Dallas and established her private practice and now managing several dental clinics in Dallas and Tarrant County. Her husband Dr. Atif is a cardiologist practicing in Denton, Texas.
Please call (817)-589-9165 for an Appintment
7600 Glenview Drive Richland Hills, TX 76180